A major feature of the Listrunner mobile app is its offline mode - meaning if you lose Internet access, Listrunner still works. There are a few guidelines that you need to be aware of though:

You can't download any updates until you regain connectivity. 

  • You can only access an organization if you recently accessed it while online.
  • You won't see any updates from your team. If you're offline for too long, your information will be stale.

You can't upload any changes you made until you regain connectivity. 

  • Your changes will not be accessible to the rest of your team. You need to find Internet access to fix this.
  • It's possible you and a teammate both added the same patient. They will appear in your patient list twice.
  • If two people update the same patient column, it can look like someone's update was “lost.” Listrunner displays updates based on the most recent timestamp. Check the 'History' section in 'Patient Details' to find all updates in chronological order.

Some features need to be completely blocked to protect your data. Listrunner will inform you when you cannot perform an action while offline. In general:

  • Updating patient information is fully functional 
  • Changing settings is non-functional

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