As much as possible, the Listrunner mobile app has been optimized to be easy to read. This is why there is a special task list on mobile. 

To view your tasks, tap on the 'Tasks' tab at the bottom of the screen. You can also swipe left from the Patients screen, or right from the Discharged screen.

By default, this page displays all the tasks based on the sort/filter setup that you use on your patient lists. You can tap the top bar to adjust or refine the setup. Here are the options:

  • Tasks: see all tasks, complete and incomplete, assigned to anyone.
  • Show only my tasks: hides any task not assigned to you.
  • Hide completed tasks: hides any task that has been checked.
  • Sort By, Lists, Tags: by default, these are the same settings used while viewing your patient lists. You can pick any option from the list.
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