Every team is different, so it is important that Listrunner be very customizable. In that spirit, Listrunner now allows you to create patient lists with different kinds of columns, and for those columns to either be shared between all lists or to exist just for one.

Shared columns

  • Shared columns are always the leftmost columns, they have a white header, and a special icon.
  • Shared columns appear in the same order on every patient list in the organization.
  • Changing a shared column affects everyone else. This includes renaming, moving, hiding, showing, and updating a cell.
  • Resizing the width of a shared column will not affect anyone else. This is a personal setting.
  • Demographics and Diagnosis are special shared columns; these columns cannot be hidden.
  • There can be only one shared tasks column and one shared photos column. Every organization has one of each. If you’re missing one and you wish to enable it, here's how to add it to your lists.

When to use Shared columns:

  • for information that stays consistent throughout an episode of care.
  • for information that everyone checks, should know, etc.
  • for information that needs to “move” with the patient when they are transferred, such as care plans.

Other teams commonly share these columns: Past Medical History, Allergies, Procedures, Medications, Lab Results, Diet, and Discharge Plan.

Adding a Shared column


List-specific columns

  • List-specific columns only appear on one single patient list.
  • Different lists can have List-specific columns with the same name. 
  • List-specific columns that share a name are NOT the same column. That means changes in one will NOT affect the other.
  • List-specific columns are always the rightmost columns.
  • You can add any number of List-specific task columns or photos columns.

When to use List-specific columns:

  • for information that is only relevant to a few people - billing information, nursing tasks, notes, etc.
  • for information that is tangential to patient care - M&M analysis, etc.

Other teams commonly use these team columns: Procedure Codes, Weight Bearing Status, Notes, Insurance, Family Contacts, etc.

Adding a new list-specific column

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